About Us

The Growth Hub supports agribusiness small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Agri Frontier Growth Hub is an Africa-focused business development hub aimed at supporting African agribusiness small and medium enterprises (SMEs)  across multiple value chains through the provision of subsidised business advisory.

The Growth Hub supports SMEs prepare for funding by improving governance, facilitating access to funding, and developing business development opportunities to expand into regional and international markets, all while integrating and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles and standards and promoting climate resilience and gender equity into our approach. Our aim is to assist SMEs scale and attract larger investments.

With an initial focus on East and West Africa, we directly support small and medium-sized agribusinesses in Sub-Saharan Africa by ensuring they adopt practices that promote environmental sustainability, social equity, and gender diversity


To increase economic, gender and climate resilience for ‘missing middle’ small and medium enterprises through improved investability, agricultural production, diversified economic opportunities and access to regional and international markets.


To create a thriving ecosystem of robust and resilient agribusinesses across Africa to lift people out of poverty, to aid food security and respond to climate change with a gender lens.

Growth hub targets the following Agricultural Value Chains


Seed, Fertilizer, Crop Protection, Irrigation, Equipment and Machinery.

Primary Production

Smallholder production, Commercial production, Agroforestry-(macadamia, avocado, tea, coffee etc), Livestock (dairy, beef, poultry etc), Grains (Wheat, maize etc), Oil Seeds (sunflower, soya etc).

Post-Harvest/ Processing

Aggregators, Storage/ Handling, Milling, Livestock/ Aquaculture Feed, Trading, Marketing.

Agri Tech

Seed breeding, Soil nutrition, Precision farming, Internet of Things (IoT), Vertical farming, Robotics, AI and big data, Biotechnology, Drones and Satellites.