The Agri Frontier Growth Hub offers match funded bespoke consultancy support.

All application forms should be submitted online via the application link.

You can download the application form here this allows you to fill the form offline on a word document and send it to hello@agrigrowthhub.com.

Yes, the form allows you to save your application and resume later.

No, the program is only for enterprises operating within the agribusiness sector.

Some of the value chain activities we support in agribusiness are:

  1. Inputs; Seed, Fertiliser, Crop protection, Irrigation, Equipment and Machinery;
  2. Primary Production; Agroforestry (i.e. – macadamia, avocado, tea, coffee) Livestock (i.e. dairy, beef, poultry, pigs), Grains (i.e. rice, wheat, maize, teff), Oil Seeds (i.e. sunflower, soya, sesame)
  3. Post-Harvest/ Processing;  Storage / Handling, Value addition, Trading, Marketing,
  4. Agri-Tech; Software Solutions, Soil Nutrition, Genetics, Agri Insurance. Seed breeding, Soil nutrition, Precision farming, Internet of Things (IoT), Vertical farming, Robotics, AI and big data, Biotechnology, Drones and Satellites.

We review applications on a rolling basis. You can expect to hear from us within 2 weeks of receiving your application.

The internal selection team goes through the applications and shortlists companies for the program. We arrange a meeting virtually or in-person to discuss your application. We then proceed to the contracting stage.

The engagement process takes place in three phases:

  • Pre-Funding Support: This entails business advisory and technical assistance services aimed at supporting enterprises become investor ready, improve their governance and internal capacity.
  • Fundraising Support: This includes fundraising assistance such as identifying capital requirements, facilitating access to funding opportunities and guiding businesses through the entire fundraising process.
  • Post-Investment Support: This will entail operational support to execute the business plan and investment after receiving the funds required.

No other documents are required during the initial application stage, however, we will request additional information later in the due diligence stage.  We will notify you of the specific documents we  require in advance.

No. Application to the program is free of charge.

Yes, the support services are match funded. The amount is dependent on the extent of services to be offered and the size of the enterprise.

Yes, you will be offered training customized according to your enterprise’s needs and gaps identified.

Yes, you are required to complete the application form in English. All training sessions will be conducted in English.