Investment Readiness

The Growth Hub supports agribusinesses in the assessment of their ‘investment readiness’ and preparation of funding documents required when raising debt or equity finance.

Investment Readiness

We help investee companies think about their capital requirements, assist them to become ‘investment ready’, and assist them through funding applications. To accomplish this we:

  1. Get the companies investment ready by understanding their capital requirements
  2. Review and create their fundraising documentation (business plans, teasers, investor presentations, financial models)

We support agribusinesses raise debt or equity finance through:

  1. Building a capital raising plan
  2. Identifying interested investors and lenders
  3. Applying for equity or debt
  4. Managing multiple interested investors
  5. Advising on terms, structure, and best-matched investors
  6. Preparing for due diligence, including setting up and managing a data room
  7. Reviewing terms sheets and progressing an investor to completion

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