Post-Investment Support

The Growth Hub assists agribusinesses in operationalizing their strategic business plans following investment to ensure that their strategic goals are met.

We support agribusinesses with the development of an operating plan to guide the implementation of their business plan. We also support in the development of operation manuals as well as policies and procedures to streamline business operations.

We provide agribusinesses with post-investment follow-up and customized assistance to support the implementation of their investment plan.

Our mentorship and coaching improve leadership effectiveness and impact. By identifying gaps, we focus on enhancing specific skills and coaching executives to implement changes to scale up their enterprises.

We assist agribusinesses to assess the adequacy of their management team to ensure they can deliver the desired results. We also support in recruitment to fill the identified management personnel gaps.

Our Services

We strive to provide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with affordable, personalized, and relevant specialised business support to improve their investability for sustainable growth.