Pre-Funding Support

The Growth Hub offers several services under pre-funding support which primarily involve supporting the agribusiness to develop and guide their business strategies to promote organic and sustainable growth. This helps them to progress their operations to a point where they can seek additional funding to expand their operations.

We help ‘missing middle’ small and medium enterprises create bankable business plans. Based on our commercial experience and in-depth knowledge, we understand agribusinesses, what works and what does not work. Our dynamic multi-year financial models are customized for each business case, but they include macro assumptions, detailed enterprise costings, capital expenditure assessments, loan schedules, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and investment return analysis.

We support organizations develop strategic plans by identifying the current state and desired future state, as well as the actions required to bridge the gap between the two.

We develop a bespoke strategic plan that defines where your organization is going, how your organisation will succeed, designations and responsibilities and how to review and adapt your strategy by creating a plan with objectives and goals to reach that future.

We support organizations develop strategic plans that promote sustainability and inclusivity. Our tailored approach prioritizes comprehensive transition strategies for climate resilience and gender equality. We support clients towards sustainable practices aligned with environmental goals and gender inclusivity, empowering positive impact and long-term success.

We support agribusinesses determine their target market and conduct feasibility studies for their products, which allows management to make informed and strategic decisions. This includes match-making through our partner organisation, Farm491, UK’s leading Agtech incubator. To accomplish this, we:

  • Identify valuable information and opportunities about the value of existing and new products/services
  • Seek to understand the consumer needs and wants
  • Identify the different price strategies for products or services
  • Seek to understand the competitive landscape
  • Identify the target market

We provide small and medium enterprises with ongoing follow-up and customized assistance to ensure organic growth.

Our mentoring and coaching improves leadership effectiveness and impact. By identifying gaps, we focus on enhancing specific skills and coaching executives to implement changes to scale up agribusiness.

The purpose of good corporate governance is to facilitate effective, entrepreneurial, and prudent management that can deliver the long-term success of the company. Our support includes:

  1. Assess the senior management structure of the organisation
  2. Assess corporate governance suitability by focusing on good governance practices
  3. Support with the formation of board committees, charters and improving board composition
  4. Support with the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into their operations
  5. Advise on incentive schemes based on key performance indicators
  6. Propose standardization and enhancement of internal controls
  7. Effective risk management

We support agribusiness companies identify and address legal and regulatory compliance requirements, as well as put in place a compliance management process for effective oversight. This includes certification and accreditation programs like Global Gap, Fair Trade, and others.

We have a strategic partnership with Crop Nutrition Laboratory Service Ltd (Cropnuts), Africa’s leading firm in agronomic advisory to the agribusiness and food sectors across a wide range of crops, in varied geographical and climatic conditions. Cropnuts’ agronomic advisors are supported by their own independent soil analysis laboratory. Cropnuts will support with a range of services customized for each entrepreneur including, but not limited to:

  1. Soil Suitability Surveys
  2. Soil Testing and Mapping
  3. Agronomy Support

We have engaged experts and partners in the different Technical Assistance areas covering multiple agricultural value chains to effectively help members improve their operations sustainably

Technology such as sensors, farm management software, data and robotics are rapidly changing the AgTech landscape, presenting efficiency and growth opportunities but also complexity and risk.

Partnering with our network organisations, Farm491 and Cropnuts, there is a massive need for Agtech to increase productivity within Africa. Our process identifies, defines and documents your requirements, sourcing the right AgTech for your needs and implementing it with the help of our network partners:

  • Requirements Development
  • Solution identification and due diligence
  • Solution Architecture
  • Adoption Management
  • Data integration and analytics

We strive to provide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with affordable, personalized, and relevant specialised business support to improve their investability for sustainable growth.