The Missing Middle

Our vision is to be the leading specialist business advisor for agribusiness SMEs in Africa.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the economic backbone of virtually every economy in the world. They also promote climate smart innovation, support deliver goods and services, and can be a powerful force for integrating women and youth into the economic mainstream. Yet despite all these benefits, small enterprises remain significantly underserved by financial and advisory institutions, contributing to the ‘Missing Middle’.

Through our experience in providing advisory services in Africa, we have found that many of these ‘missing middle’ SMEs, as well as youth and women-led SMEs are not able to access funding or specialist advisory services due to lack of funding. This creates a support gap at a critical juncture in their business. We target to support SMEs by integrating ESG principles and climate resilience strategies into our advisory approach, thereby addressing these challenges comprehensively.

The Missing Middle

The Growth Hub supports SMEs operating in the missing middle.


$5K turnover

1-5 employees


$5K - $149k turnover

5-30 employees


$150K - $499k turnover

30-50 employees


$500K - $5m turnover

50-149 employees


$5m turnover

150 employees

  • Micro-finance
  • Grants
  • Family & Friends

The Missing Middle

  • VC & Private Equity
  • Commercial Bank Debt
  • DFI's


The Missing Middle

SMEs are overlooked by mainstream investors. Considered too big for micro-loans and grants and too small for traditional Private Equity firms.


There are high costs associated with expanding into new markets and developing
and launching new products.

Assurance in Development

Challenge to find quality technical assistance.


Women and youth lack the support and confidence to grow their businesses.


The Missing Middle

We provide fundraising support to SMEs who are considered risky or business sizes considered too early stage by conventional investors.


We support agribusinesses to expand to new markets while aligning with ESG standards and fostering climate resilience.

Assurance in Development

We help link agribusinesses to technical assistance and business development.


We support women and youth-led businesses to scale and access capital.