Theory of Change for the Missing Middle SMEs

The right support
Business & Agronomy Advisory

Our advisory services are tailored to each business we support, integrating proactive strategies for climate resilience and gender inclusivity.

BDS/TA Programs

The Growth Hub programs include investment readiness, strategy development, capacity building, while integrating ESG principles into the SMEs we support.


The Growth Hub serves as a central meeting point for businesses to gain knowledge, tools and networking opportunities (physical & virtual)

Market Linkages

The Growth Hub provides matchmaking and market links for African agri businesses

Accelerate virtuous cycle within agricultural value chains.
Inputs /Services Providers
Primary Production
Post /Harvest
Exporters/ wholesalers
Global Buyers and Brands
Promote prosperity and environmental stewardship.


  • Agri business and agronomy support for 110 agri businesses
  • Strategic documents that embed both climate smart transition and gender equality transition strategy (100% of SMEs supported with a climate and gender smart transition plan)
  • 30 young entrepreneurs supported (under 30)
  • Increased support for businesses with women founders
  • Businesses supported to increase their net income by 2.5x
  • Creation of over 1,500 new high-quality jobs
  • Businesses supported to increase their production/yields by 50%


  • Help locals manage 500,000 hectares of sustainable agriculture
  • Help 7,000 households increase daily income
  • Improve 50,000 women’s lives
  • Connect 12,000 smallholder farmers to a better route to sell their produce at higher rates
  • Create internship opportunities within the enterprises for university graduates


  • Agri business growth
  • Sustainable livelihoods
  • Quality rural employment
  • Climate smart practices
  • Gender equity
  • Improved soil treatment, water management, energy consumption, waste management and chemical use.
  • Stronger rural communities
  • Ecosystem resilience